Credit card companies and issuers have offered assistance and helped customers through financial hardship and relief programs.  Many companies offer online enrollment. Check with your card issuer or bank for coronavirus relief programs. Read more here…

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What Financial Institutions Are Doing For You During Coronavirus

The recent pandemic related to the novel coronavirus has changed just about every part of our lives in what seems like no time at all. With all of the shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders being sent out, either by government order or by request, the economy is changing in ways most of us have never seen.

America’s Financial Institutions Respond

Since the start of this health crisis, America’s banks and credit unions have prioritized the safety of employees and customers. These financial institutions have also offered an array of programs to help individual and business customers affected by the pandemic, including fee waivers, deferred payments and other accommodations depending on the customer’s circumstances. These actions…